EN1822 Testing

Research and Development

filtration research lab In addition to filtration testing, LMS Technologies provides research expertise and software automation for improving your filtration technology and test systems. We collaborate with our customers to develop solutions towards improving products.

Our research workspace includes:
•   Meltblown equipment
•   Precision CNC machine
•   Cell image analysis system
•   Liquid particle counting system for measuring cleanliness levels of water, solvents, and chemicals
•   Batch analysis of volatile or viscous liquids
•   LabVIEW Automation

Our expertise includes:
•   Impactor design
•   Grease extractor design: High efficiency and low pressure drop
•   Coalescent filter design: High efficiency and low pressure drop
•   Liquid spray nozzle design: Water, paint, high viscosity liquids
•   Spray painting: Airless, air-assisted airless, airspray (including HVLP), centrifugal atomizer
•   Generation of single droplets: Low viscosity and high viscosity liquids
•   Oscillating spray nozzle design: Fiberization of glue and polymers for high line-speed applications
•   Washing nozzle design: High dirt removal efficiency and low water consumption
•   Dispersion of sticky clusters of submicron particles into an individual particle for loading, as a challenging particle, or for other applications
•   Particle and filtration technologies